WATCH: Superbowl pregame trailer for ‘Insurgent’!

MTV has exclusively debuted the latest trailer for Insurgent set to air during the Superbowl Pregame show this Sunday!

Check out the trailer below:

The simulation looks way too epic! I wasn’t sure how it would be played out from the brief look in the previous trailers, but I’m definitely won over after this!

What was your favorite part?

New Insurgent Trailer News

Here’s a special message from Shailene Woodley via The Divergent Series Instagram:

Attention Divergent Fandom! With #50DaysTillInsurgent, #ShaileneWoodley has a special message for you!

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And if you can’t wait until Super Bowl Sunday, don’t even worry. Along with the new poster and Insurgent movie tie-in-edition also announced that they are offering an exclusive advanced look at the full trailer. That’s happening at 12pm ET so set your watches initiates!


Final Insurgent Poster + Insurgent Movie Tie-In-Edition Revealed

FinalPosterToday revealed this epically gorgeous new final poster for Insurgent. It still resembles the last one released, only this time with a close up of Tris and Four. I am not complaining! I love that they’re marketing this movie so strongly on the action, because let’s be honest, YA-books turned movies generally get a bad rap and are labeled as “teenage girl movies” when in reality The Divergent Series has a lot to offer to every demographic. So I hope this brings in the crowds and paves the way for two more successful films.

In addition to this poster, also revealed the movie tie-in-edition cover for the book. I am very pleased with this cover. For Divergent’s move tie-in-edition was nice, but it was just the almost all black character poster of Tris. Which is great, but this one is so much better. I can’t wait to have my hands on this baby! This edition will be in stores on February 17, 2015 so mark your calendars.  TieInEditionsource

Photos: More new ‘Insurgent’ stills featuring Theo James, Ansel Elgort and more

In addition to the Insurgent stills released via International Divergent movie distributors a couple of days ago, we have a new bunch today!

Check out Caleb, Christina, Eric and Four (and a glimpse at Tori!) in the stills below:



Five new ‘Insurgent’ Posters with Tris, Four, Jeanine and more

Five new character posters for Insurgent have just been released, featuring TrisFourJeanine and newcomers Evelyn and Johanna. Each poster, peculiarly depicting the characters looking up at an inverted landscape, comes with its own tagline.

Check them out below:

The release comes along with interviews with the cast. Read excerpts below:

“[In] this movie, I wanted it to be clear that obviously things have changed and he’s fallen in love with Shai’s character, but at the same time, he’s still the same man. So I don’t want him to suddenly be like Prince Charming or something,” Theo James said. “So when you first meet him, he is trying to protect her at the beginning of the movie, and calm her, and make sure she doesn’t make any mistakes. But at the same time, they’re fugitives in this faction that they shouldn’t be in, and he knows that they’ve got to move quickly. And then all hell breaks loose.”

“[In this film], you see a more vulnerable Four,” James said. “Before, he had nothing to lose in a way until he falls in love with [Tris], and then there are stakes. But now, he’s in love with this woman so he’s more concerned about losing her and because she’s kind of this self sacrificing person, part of the storyline is him saying, ‘Your life does mean something; don’t just throw it away.’ And then with his mother, there’s lots and lots of complexity there. I didn’t want to push that too hard because I didn’t want it to be like, ‘Boohoo, poor guy with his parents.’ It is there, of course, but it’s not like you’re going to see him sobbing in the bathroom or something.”

“This film definitely takes it to the next level as far as the way that they emotionally treat the characters,” Woodley said. “It’s much darker, I would say, just because you see inside of Jeanine’s world, [and] you see inside of Tris’ mind a little bit more. Tris has a lot of dream sequences that haunt her throughout the film so I think all of those combined lead to a darker tone.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Insurgent Novel Now Available in Paperback–Get Your Copy Today!


We know that many of us Initiates are focussed on the upcoming The Divergent Series: Insurgent film. And it’s hard not to be, especially when awesome new behind-the-scenes featurettes and stills from the movie have come out. But we could never forget that Veronica Roth‘s series came first, and even after all this time, we still have some book news to share with you!

Today, Insurgent was officially released in paperback! This edition features special bonus content, including an alternate beginning and Evelyn’s Speech to the Factionless–both new content from Veronica!

Head over HERE for more information about how you can get your copy today!

Have you gotten your Insurgent paperback yet? What do you think of the bonus material?


Shailene Woodley’s White Bird in a Blizzard Coming to Netflix in February 2015!


Many of us are deep in the middle of the Winter-season, and what better way to spend a chilly evening than at home, curled up on the couch, watching a great movie! Well, to be honest, even if you live somewhere that’s warm at the moment, nothing beats an awesome movie night! Thanks to Netflix, we’ll soon be able to add White Bird in a Blizzard to our list of films to watch.

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